Drinking a fragrant coffee that lingers in the mouth and makes us good-humored and awake, is an experience that many people do not give up in more or less moments throughout the day … and, a good coffee is made of good grains.

Robusta has a strong, bitter taste. Arabica, aromatic and delicate. These are the predominant varieties, whose properties we can distinguish when the beverage stimulates the senses.

The regions of hot, humid climate and high altitude that meet the ideal conditions for the coffee to develop. Originating in equatorial Africa, the plant was first used by the Arabs as a medicinal product. Only later, in the seventeenth century, did coffee as a beverage conquer Europe. Once harvested, selected and dried, the grains are roasted – acquiring taste, color and softness.

Ncafés Blend, where Arabica predominates, comes from the best grains of the best origins that reach its excellence of flavor, aroma and creaminess in all commercial lots.

Sobre Nós

A Ncafés é uma empresa torrefactora, com uma estrutura abrangente ao mercado nacional. Somos uma empresa dinâmica com capacidade de resposta às necessidades dos nossos clientes. Garantimos um produto de elevada qualidade, uma imagem exclusiva e agilidade na distribuição e no apoio técnico.

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About Us

Ncafés is a roasting company with a comprehensive structure to the national market. We are a dynamic company with capacity to respond to the needs of our clients. We guarantee a high quality product, an exclusive image and agility in distribution and technical support.

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